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Goji Berry Origin and Use

Goji Berry

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Goji berry, traditionally known as wolfberry, is a fruit native to southeastern Europe and Asia. Goji berry is found and grown most commonly in China, Tibetan Himalayas, and Mongolia. Goji berry is traditionally used in Chinese cuisine. Dried goji berries can be cooked, added to soups along with other components, made into herbal tea and even wine. Ancient Chinese and Indian herbalists have used goji berries for various alchemical and medicinal purposes. Consumption of goji berries 6,000 years from now was thought to impart health benefits like liver protection, better eyesight, stronger limbs, improved blood circulation and immunity, longevity and fertility, etc.

Nowadays, there is a growing health food market for goji berry and its products due to its nutrient value and high antioxidant content. Marketers of goji juice even mention a man named Li Qing Yuen who lived to be 252 years old owing to daily consumption of goji berries. Although the tale may be unsupported and exaggerated, goji juice does possess various health benefits, which make many consider this berry a superfruit.

Goji Berry dried and Goji Juice

Goji Advance

Goji Berry Capsules

In the market, goji berry is available in the form of dried berries sold in small packages, goji berry capsules and goji juice or goji berry juice usually sold in 32-ounce bottles. Dried goji berries usually have a tangy taste like a combination of slightly sweet and sour, and have a texture and shape similar to raisins. Goji juice and other liquid goji berry extracts like tea are also available in the market. The market hype created by manufacturers of goji berry juice has led to doubts regarding the health benefits of goji berry juice. Many consider the goji berry a fad and believe that goji juice provides no long term health benefits. Although marketers of goji berry juice sometimes use exaggerated tales and unsupported claims to market their product, the actual benefits of goji berry juice are no lies. It is up to a customer’s judgement to separate truth from lies.

Goji Berry Ingredients and Benefits

There are not sufficient scientific studies conducted on humans to confirm the goji berry’s promoted health benefits. However, many regular consumers of goji berry experience health benefits, which they can report and testify. These real-life examples oft he benefits of goji juice consumption make the goji juice popular despite the lack of scientific studies.

Goji berry is rich in anti-oxidants. These are substances which prevent the body cells from being damage by free oxygen radicals. Presence of antioxidants in food has already been researched and known to slow down the aging process. Anti-oxidants are even used in anti-aging creams to treat the visible signs of aging. It is also known to stimulate the pituitary gland in secreting human growth hormone and keeping the body youthful inside and outside.

The Presence of carotenoids like beta carotene and zeaxanthin in goji berry has been confirmed. These substances help prevent retinal damage due old age, thus preserving good eye sight. Zeaxanthin is a typical component in food which help prevent loss of eye sight in people above 65.

Goji berry contains polysaccharides. These substances are converted into energy (glucose) or fat depending upon the body’s energy requirements. Goji berry juice has these polysaccharides in an abundance, which directly increases the body’s energy levels and boosts stamina.

Goji berry also contains a rich amount of cerebroside, which researches have shown to help protect liver cells from chlorination. Most foods nowadays are processed, and contain high amounts of chlorine that over time can damage liver cells and stimulate tumor growth. Cerebroside can inhibit these processes and protect the cells from these damages.

Goji berry juice has adaptogen, which is a substance that enhances the body’s natural ability to resist stress. Regular consumers of goji juice have reported significantly lesser levels of stress and anxiety. Goji berry is even nicknamed “happy berry” in China, since lack of anxiety and stress keeps people more happy and energized. Goji berry is a known laxative when taken in sufficient large quantities. It not only improves digestion, but also prevents atrophic gastritis by promoting cellular activities in the stomach.

Goji berry is also rich in anthocyanin, a class of substances which have high anti-oxidant levels. Anthocyanins give the berries their vibrant red hue. Goji juice also strengthens the blood vessels, which further prevents the risks of internal bleeding, blood thickening and clotting in arteries.

Cyperone in goji berries helps the functions of the heart and regulates blood circulation and blood pressure. Rich in anti-oxidants, goji berry juice helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels and preventing serious heart diseases. There are other benefits which have been reported by regular consumers of goji berry juice, like better sleep due to reduced insomnia, improved libido, better immune response, allergies alleviation and prevention from everyday diseases…

Goji Berry Purchase and Consumption

Besides its claimed health effects and long term benefits, goji berry is no medicine. You may consult your physician if you have pre-existing ailments before consuming large amounts of goji berry. However, Goji products can be purchased freely in Chinese herb shops, local medical stores, or in online shops.